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Community & Parent Toolkits:
Education & Awareness

Tools to Help Get the Conversation Started

San Diego youth and adults are overdosing at an alarming rate from fentanyl powder, fentanyl-laced drugs, and counterfeit pills containing fentanyl. Community Leaders across San Diego created and compiled resources in this section to aid communities in preventing and reversing this deadly trend.

The toolkits contain multiple education and awareness materials. In each section, resources and available to be customized and used in communities that each coalition serves. 

Community and Parent Fentanyl Toolkit 
PowerPoint presentation provides an overview of what fentanyl is, how big the problem is in our community, and what you can do as family members and as members of the community. 

Naloxone Toolkit 
PowerPoint presentation provides an overview of recognizing and responding to an overdose, and the Good Samaritan Law. 

Snapchat Toolkit 
PowerPoint presentation provides an overview of Snapchat and its risks, and provides information on what you can do to protect youth in your life. 

Meth 360 Toolkit: Community Settings
The linked Toolkit and PowerPoint provide information on substance use disorders, methamphetamine facts, health impacts, and resources to support prevention and treatment in the community. 

Additional Resources and Information - English

Below are resources with helpful information on fentanyl. Please click on the below resources to download and view.  

Interactive Map: Medication for Addiction Treatment (MAT) and Medication Disposal Locator 


Links to Videos

What Parents Need to Know: Virtual Tour of Drug Hiding Places 

The New Drug Talk: Fentanyl has changed the drug landscape, and we have to change how we talk to kids about it. This site provides education, free tools, and expert advice to help families connect and stay safe.

Resource Cards/Fact Sheets - English

Additional Resources and Information - Spanish

Additional Resources and Information - Tagalog

Additional Resources and Information - Vietnamese

Additional Resources and Information - Arabic


Additional Resources and Information - Farsi

Updates and new additions to the toolkit will continue to be made. The most up to date materials and new products will be made available on this webpage. If you have questions, please email

Naloxone Toolkit
Snapchat Toolkit
Met 360 Toolkit
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